What's On at the Odeon

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During the period of Roman rule in the ancient town of Nea Pafos, civic activity focused on the Agora marketplace and its adjacent Odeon. Built in the second century, these structures persist in ruins that can be visited in the Archaeological Site of Kato Pafos. Civic activity continues at the Odeon, as it has been restored by the Department of Antiquities and hosts a series of performances you can attend throughout the summer months. On 17 July at 21:30, singer Eleni Vitali will pair up with classical guitarist Panagiotis Magaris for a concert of Greek popular music; the programme benefits Access City Cyprus, a charity promoting access to public facilities for persons with disabilities. A performance of Euripides’s ‘Bacchae’ will be staged by the Belacqua Theatre of Cyprus on 22 July at 21:00; it is part of the International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama, which invites theatre companies from around the world to perform Greek classics throughout Cyprus. On 30 July at 21:00, composer-pianist Stefanos Korkolis presents ‘We Sing Our Poets’, a concert of modern Greek poetry set to music; he is joined by singer Sofia Manousaki. The Odeon is an outdoor theatre with twelve rows of limestone carved in a half circle for seating. For performances, access the Odeon by following the sign from the B20 road rather than through the main Archaeological Site entrance. Tickets are available in advance online and in various stores throughout Pafos; contact Guest Services for assistance.

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