What is Reflexology

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Reflexology is a technique for applying pressure to a part of the body—usually the feet—to relieve tension and release blocked energy. Practitioners believe that the major organs and parts of the human body can be mapped on the feet; stimulation of a neurological point sends a message to the brain, they say, that then provokes self-healing in the corresponding organ or body part. The therapy derives from several ancient medical traditions. A sixty-minute foot massage with a reflexologist usually starts with a gentle rubbing of the legs and the top of the feet. Then the therapist applies pressure to zones on the soles of both feet. Occasionally the reflexologist finds an area where it feels like gritty sand is under the surface of the skin; this is taken as an indication that the corresponding area is out of balance, so additional pressure is applied there until the feeling dissipates. In the end your feet will feel relaxed. Almyraspa also offers reflexology for the face. The concept is similar: the body is mapped on the face, with different zones on the face corresponding to areas and functions of the body. The therapist makes a slow, investigative stroke in each zone before applying more pressure to areas that feel out of balance. The treatment concludes with a slow, rhythmic massage of the face that soothes and relaxes. A reflexologist can create a bespoke treatment plan based on the initial findings and your goals. Often a course of several treatments is recommended for maximum effect.

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