Volleyball Court Builds Team Spirit

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The addition of a volleyball court to Almyra’s grounds has precipitated a new event: the first-ever staff volleyball tournament for Thanos Hotels and Resorts! The company owns and operates four hotels in Cyprus—Almyra, Aloe, Anassa, and Annabelle. Each hotel fielded two or more ragtag teams, usually centred around employees from a hotel department (e.g. maintenance). Gathering on a steamy Friday afternoon, the twelve teams faced off in an initial round of six matches as a squad of three costumed cheerleaders rooted them on (and shook their pompoms to ‘Thriller’ and—inevitably—Eurovision winner ‘Toy’). Hotel pride was vividly on display, as onlookers chanted their hotel’s name in exuberant solidarity. Some teams were aptly named (the Expendables exited in the first round), others less so (the Latchi Warriors did not claim any victories on the battlefield). A round of semi-finals eventually yielded two finalists: Almyra Kitchen and Fitness Kitchen (from Annabelle). Perhaps years of coordinated work in the tight space of a hot kitchen prepared these two culinary teams for volleyball glory? Both teams were adept at setting the ball for attack—and the competition was fierce, with both sets in the final match going into extra points. In the end, though, Fitness Kitchen prevailed, though the unexpected participation of a tree on match point called for a controversial do-over. With the tournament planned as an annual event, participants are already focused on the fitness and teamwork needed to claim the championship: ‘Next year,’ said one Latchi Warrior, ‘we must practice.’

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