Triathlon Training Explained

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A triathlon is a three-stage race that usually includes three sports—swimming, cycling, and running. While many people have some ability in each of these sports, they may not know how to perform them efficiently or in combination with the others. That’s where specialised triathlon training comes in. At Almyraspa, we offer a complete training regimen. You can start with a review of your swimming technique: Swim a few laps in our pool while the trainer makes an underwater video of you. As you review the video together, the trainer will advise on your stroke. Then you will train in the pool and the sea, where you can learn techniques to swim with the current, maintaining endurance and reducing effort. Similarly, you can examine your cycling strategy and then do interval training in the Pafos region, which includes flat coastal roadways as well as steep mountain climbs. A review of your running technique examines your stride and pace. Throughout the training, you will discuss how to transition your body between the different race stages. Triathlon training at Almyraspa is customised and can be done individually or in groups. Contact our trainer to discuss your level of experience, age, and equipment needs (you can rent a bicycle or bring your own). Common is a 6- or 7-day regimen with cross training on two sports per day. Another popular option is a 3-day swimming clinic. You’ll emerge with a workout routine that will take you all the way to the finish line.

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