Top Five Ways to Get Kids into the Holiday Spirit

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During the busy festive season, it’s important to keep kids engaged with holiday activities organised especially for them. Almyra’s Kids’ Club shares its top recommendations for getting kids into the holiday spirit:

  1. Christmas Crafts: Kids can unleash their creativity using crayons, scissors, paste, paper, and fabric. Make any number of objects, from holiday cards to Christmas stockings to tree ornaments.
  2. A Visit with Santa: Nothing captivates a child’s imagination like a visit with Santa Claus. A chance to sit on Santa’s lap and share Christmas wishes is a cherished opportunity. And Santa’s vibrant ‘Ho Ho Ho’ is bound to make any kid merry.
  3. Fireside Fun: During the chilly winter season, there is nothing like a roaring fire in the fireplace to warm both body and spirit. Kids can participate by roasting marshmallows and chestnuts at the hearth.
  4. Storytelling: Listening to a grown-up read Christmas stories or ‘A Visit from St. Nicholas’ can be an enchanting experience. Similarly, holiday movies like ‘Elf’ provide fun entertainment for all the family.
  5. Christmas Biscuit Decoration: Once the biscuits have cooled from the oven’s heat, it is time to decorate them. Kids can add coloured icing and sprinkles to make each biscuit one of a kind.

The Kids’ Club offers a daily kids’ activity throughout the festive season—including variations on the top five and more! Click here [link to holiday brochure] to see the full schedule of events.

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