The Kundalini Massage Explained

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‘Kundalini’ is a term from the Sanskrit language that refers to latent energy thought to be coiled at the base of the spine. Practitioners of yoga seek to release this energy, moving it through energy points they call chakras, to provoke a sense of enlightenment and wellbeing. At Almyraspa, we have partnered with cosmetics company Ila to offer the Kundalini Massage by Ila. Ila spa products are sourced with the finest plant and mineral ingredients, which are culled from remote wildlands by artisan producers dedicated to traditional, sustainable practices. The sixty-minute massage treatment focuses on the back of the torso and legs. It is a multi-sensual experience that features aromatic essential oils to stimulate the sense of smell and recorded musical chants to relax the mind. The therapist gently massages the back, making movements parallel to the spine with the aims of activating the nerve centre between brain and spine and releasing energy. Then the therapist applies warm poultices—muslin bags filled with Himalayan salt, marigold petals, and lemon peels—to the chakras on the back. You will then rest in a meditative state as you listen to chants, take in the scent of essential oils, and enjoy the warmth of the poultices. The treatment is meant to nurture and re-balance your sense of wellbeing; it is especially welcome during times of emotional distress. Those who hold their tension in their back or whose shoulders are tight from too much time in front of a computer stand to benefit as well.

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