A Guide to the Microbreweries of Cyprus

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Although beer has been brewed on the island for millennia, the contemporary trend of microbrewing is relatively new to Cyprus. Each major city has a few microbreweries producing hand-crafted beers. In the capital of Nicosia, for example, you can visit Pivo in the old town and select from six beers on tap and three in bottles; you can also take a tour of their brewery, which is situated in a century-old house. Also brewing in Nicosia is Hop Thirsty Friends, which produces the Humor IPA, Weiss, and Pilsner beers. In Larnaca, look for the brews from Mad Pan or head to The Brewery, which offers eight of its own beers on tap along with a home-brewed apple cider. Limassol plays host to Hula Hops Brewery, a ‘gypsy microbrewery’ making the Cyprus Citrus IPA and the Cyprus Summer Wit wheat beer. True Ale Brewery was founded in 2010 in the Russian village Jelomeeno, but it moved to Limassol and started selling craft beer there in 2017. Its output includes four kinds of ale plus one or two special brews per season; the brewery also offers instruction for prospective home and commercial brewers. Closest to Pafos is Aphrodite’s Rock Microbrewery and Brewpub. Above town near the village of Tsada, the brewery boasts a range of beers as well as ciders. A day trip there can include a brewery tour, a sampler of five beers, and a pizza from their wood-fired oven. Wherever you go in Cyprus, know that something good is brewing nearby.
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