Meet the Upholsterers

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The multi-million-euro renovation currently underway at Almyra includes the creation of new furnishings as well as the recovering of existing pieces. Thanos Hotels are committed to working with local artisans whenever possible. Since 1992, the company have engaged the services of Kostas Charalambous for upholstery. Kostas and his brother founded their firm in 1988 under the guidance of an uncle who was a well-known carpenter. Having learned the trade through apprenticeship, the brothers developed the ability to create custom pieces. In the case of the current renovation, Kostas prepared prototypes to the specifications of project designer Joelle Pleot. After several iterations, a final plan for each item was approved by the designer. Working with a local framer, the Nicosia workshop produced about 150 new chaises longues for the guest rooms. Each is covered with a dark blue fabric with white piping. The piping is made on the sewing machine, where a thin rope is encased with a white ribbon; it is then sewn into the seams of the covering and cushion, creating a crisp contrast with the blue covering. Kostas and his team of eight Cypriot artisans have also made new cushions and pillows for the sun loungers: each foam cushion is wrapped in a protective layer of silk before the outer cover of sun-resistant fabric is slipped over it. After three months of dedicated work, the team has upholstered all the Lobby furniture and completed the guest room pieces. The refreshed Almyra opens for guests on 1 March 2020.

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