Meet Filippas the Almyra Parrot

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About a year ago, the team at Mosaics noticed a rather unusual guest showing up for the daily breakfast and dinner buffets: a small parrot. A fledgling at the time, he enjoyed sitting in the lush greenery over the Mosaics terrace, hoping to catch a delicious morsel of food. Studying his plumage, beak colour, claws, and size, team members identified him as a rose-winged parakeet: he is mostly green, has an orange beak, and sports a rose ring around his neck. Soon it would be time to greet our regular guest on a first name basis, so we named him Filippas (our international guests call him Philip). Filippas makes his nest in the wooded area near Almyra’s playground and tennis courts. He regularly flies over for breakfast and dinner. Ever sociable, Filippas also enjoys the cocktail hour—he takes a 6 pm snack on the terrace of the Lobby bar every day. In case you’d like to bring him something from the buffet (don’t worry—he gets complimentary full board), you should know that he likes nuts (especially cashews), fruit (watermelon seeds, please!), leafy greens, vegetables, eggs, and pork sausage. And a refreshing sip of orange juice. The story of Filippas’s past is not known, but we are hoping he will learn to speak soon and enlighten us. Also on the horizon may be a female feathered companion. In the meantime, he remains a reliable and affable team member. Please stop by the Mosaics terrace and introduce yourself to Filippas!

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