It’s Time to Get a Fitness Plan

It’s a common resolution for the New Year: a vow to lose weight and get fit.

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It’s a common resolution for the New Year: a vow to lose weight and get fit. When starting a new fitness regime, you need to define your goals and create a plan to achieve them. At Almyraspa, we offer two programmes specifically designed to set your new exercise routine on a solid footing. The Three-Day Lose Weight and Get Fit package avails you of three 90-minute sessions with a personal trainer. On the first day, spend 30 minutes discussing your weight loss goals before undertaking a 60-minute outdoor sweat and stretch session. The second day starts with a 30-minute discussion of nutrition followed by 60 minutes devoted to burning fat and toning the core. On the final day, you and your trainer will examine your fitness beliefs in a 30-minute talk before concluding with 60 minutes of high intensity interval training. You will emerge with a focused plan and the techniques to carry it out. We also offer an extended Six-Day Lose Weight and Get Fit package for those seeking to discover more exercise techniques. In addition to the sessions of the three-day package, this package includes consultations on fitness, positivity, and exercise along with a five-kilometre run on the coastal path, a five-kilometre interval run, and a 60-minute total body workout. Having completed 90-minute training sessions six days in a row, you’ll be well on your way to fitness. The packages are available for anyone over sixteen years of age. So why not follow through on that resolution? We’re here to help you get started.

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