How to Season Your Shisha Session

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You’ve seen it in bars and cafes: a table-top glass water pipe with two hoses for smoking aromatic tobacco. It’s a shisha pipe—and smoking it has become a popular pastime. At Almyra’s Eauzone, we use the premium line of Meduse pipes and tobacco. After consulting our shisha menu, talk to your waiter about the flavours of tobacco on hand. Choose a single flavour, or ask for a bespoke blend—one quarter mint and three quarters apple, for example. You can also express your preference for a mild, medium, or strong smoke. Next you will decide how you want to season the base of the shisha pipe. If you choose the Meduse Regular, we will fill the base with cool water and let the tobacco’s taste speak for itself. An especially festive option is to put champagne in the base; what’s left in the bottle is yours to sip while you smoke! Meduse pioneered the placement of fruit in the base to add complex flavourings to the smoke. Eauzone has three of these shisha cocktails on its menu: the Lolita (fresh mint, lemon, and grenadine syrup), Las Ananas (rum, pineapple, kiwi, ginger, and rosemary), and the Citrus Gang (rum, orange, grapefruit, lemon, and lime). The fresh fruit and spices are cut and carefully placed in the base for a smooth smoking experience. Over the course of a session, which lasts about two hours, the flavourings from the cocktail will become stronger. Your shisha session can be shared with a group—and makes for an unforgettable experience.

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