Explore the Contemporary Ceramic Arts of Pafos at 'Ceramic Waves' Exhibition

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Ceramic art has long played a role in the culture of Cyprus, as is amply attested by archaeological finds of ancient terracotta amphoras, bowls, cups, and votive figurines. In ceramic art, one often senses a tension between functionality and artistic expression, between handicraft and fine art. This tension is highlighted and explored in the ‘Ceramic Waves’ exhibition currently on display in the Lobby of Almyra. Proposed by Savvas Christodoulides and introduced by former Minister of Culture George Demosthenous, the exhibition brings together recent work by ten ceramic artists from the Pafos region. Each artist explores the tension between functionality and aesthetic expression, with some clearly leaning toward utility and others striving for pure art. The exploration of the tension creates a lively dialogue as a diverse array of objects—figures, pottery, simple objects—ask us to oscillate between evaluations of each one’s utility and beauty. The emergence of Pafos as a centre for contemporary ceramic art goes back to the 1974 Turkish invasion: potter Savvas Georgiades relocated from Kyrenia to Pafos in its aftermath, setting up an atelier here. After he passed away, his sons Giorgos and Panicos continued his work; both are represented in the show. Around the same time, brothers Giannis and Avgoustinos Kontos set up shop in their native village of Yeroskipou; Avgoustinos’s work is likewise included. The other artists showing are Elysia Athanatou, Vasos Demetriou, Eleftheria Fili, Nina Iacovou, Melita Kouta, Giorgos Kypris, and Panayiotis Pasandas. The exhibition continues through 13 August 2019.

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