Emilio Koutsoftides Opens ‘Restless Transitions’ Exhibition

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A solo exhibition of drawings by Emilio Koutsoftides will debut on 25 May in Almyra’s Danae ballroom. Entitled ‘Restless Transitions’, the show asks viewers to reflect on how communal ideology shapes our understanding of others in a time of political change and uncertainty. As we distil our personal views through social media, blurred or clashing narratives emerge. For example, migrants fleeing war in Syria and seeking freedom in European states represent to some Europeans a threat to their own cultural freedom and autonomy. Contrasting communal positions are amplified and exploited through social media and fake news stories, leading to further confusion as to what is really going on around us. Koutsoftides is an architect and artist living in Pafos and trained at the Canterbury School of Architecture in the UK. Working at the interface between architecture and art, he has designed exhibition spaces for the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum in Miami, the M+ Museum in Hong Kong, the National Museum of Jordan, and the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. His art projects engage multiple media forms, including choreography, light sculpture, and performance, and they appear not just in galleries, but against the backdrop of cities and landscapes. The opening reception runs from 20:00 to 22:00 on May 25; the exhibition continues through 16 June.

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