Cultivate Mindfulness in a Weeklong Retreat

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Contemporary life is filled with complications and distractions, such as rapid technological change, constant news alerts, an unending stream of texts, calls, and emails, and a need to multitask, leaving many of us overwhelmed, stressed, and unable to focus. One way to overcome this situation is to cultivate mindfulness—the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we are doing—instead of simply reacting to the latest stimulus. In coordination with Travelgems, the experiential travel agency, Almyra is now offering a Mindfulness Week to help you develop the capacity to live in the moment. The seven-day retreat (27 September through 3 October) offers instruction in nutrition, holistic exercise, yoga, and meditation. We have assembled an internationally recognised team of experts to lead the sessions. Nutritionist Christina Kostara, head of the IASO Hospital Clinical Nutrition Support and Dietetics Department in Athens, will lead eating sessions focusing on mindful approaches to Mediterranean cuisine. Marianne Chrysikakou, who completed degrees in physical education in both Greece and France, will guide you through the holistic workout sessions. Sharon Hill is our yoga master. Her practice takes her regularly from New York to Tel Aviv to India. Accredited by the International Yoga Alliance, she will teach you yoga techniques and meditative practices. The entire week takes place on the lushly landscaped seaside grounds of Almyra, where you will be immersed in nature. For bookings, please contact Almyra by email ( or by phone (25 888700).

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