Almyraspa Introduces Ilapothecary

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When Almyra reopens in March following a multi-million-euro renovation, its Almyraspa will introduce a new line of spa products. Ilapothecary is a British company combining insights from herbology, naturopathy, and homeopathy. Its formulations, handmade in a barn in the Cotswolds, blend plants known for their healing properties (think borage and thyme) with medicinal flowers (rose geranium, for example), gemstones (amethyst and granite), live stem cells, vitamins, and essential oils. The products are designed to counteract the stress, pollution, and fatigue prevalent in modern life. Our therapists are ready to offer you several treatment options using Ilapothecary products. The Digital Detox Facial Therapy, for example, treats the symptoms from extended exposure to digital screens (dry eyes, blurred vision, clenched jaws, stiff necks, and sore shoulders). If you feel the need to restore your inner spark, try the Light Your Fire Ritual: this ninety-minute treatment begins with meditative gazing at a fire and sage smudging, continues with a full body scrub using pearl and jasmine, and concludes with a revitalizing massage. Our Digestion Restoration features an abdominal massage followed by a warmed castor oil pack, which includes extracts of liquorice, Brazilian ginseng, and juniper berries to stimulate the liver and improve digestion. Ilapothecary products are 100% natural and free from mineral oil, silicone, propylene glycol, ethanolamine, parabens, and SLES. And they smell wonderful, releasing a base of rose geranium, blue chamomile, and green vetiver. Book a treatment and discover their power to uplift, nurture, calm, hydrate, and heal.

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