Almyra reveals fresh new look

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On 1 March 2020, Almyra reopens after a three-month, multi-million-euro renovation of all guest rooms and suites and the Lobby. The refreshed guest rooms and suites riff on the hotel’s Mediterranean modern look with a colour palette featuring navy blue, white, and lavender, sleek materials like Italian Carrara marble and brass, and stunning black and white photographs of Pafos harbour by local artist Michalis Kouloumos. The floor-to-ceiling upgrade includes the addition of sound-insulating doors, smart TVs, custom closets, and focused lighting. The room furniture, all custom made for the hotel, has been crafted from olive and oak woods by local artisans. The bespoke furniture for the Lobby has also been completely renewed. Enter the Lobby and you will be greeted by warm new overhead lighting. Turn to the right, and your eye with be drawn to additional lighting in the dome beside the fireplace. In the adjacent restaurant, Aeras, diners are now seated on royal blue chairs around tabletops of white marble with blue veining; purple draperies and brass pendant lights complete the space’s posh aesthetic. The new look is the latest contribution to the hotel from renowned French designer Joëlle Pléot, who has curated the interior spaces for Almyra since it launched in 2003. As the only member of the Design Hotels consortium in Cyprus, Almyra accentuates the horizontal lines, simple materials, and terraced approach to siting the structure within the existing landscape characteristic of its mid-century modern architecture. Check in and check out our chic new look!

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