Almyra Introduces Experiences Programme

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Being on holiday gives you the opportunity to try new things and go beyond the beaten path. Almyra now facilitates your journey of discovery with its new menu of Experiences. Each offering can be tailored to your specific interests. Almyra Creates, for example, is a two-hour masterclass with local environmental artists Katerina Foukara and Arsenty Lysenkov; choose your medium (sculpture, watercolours, or oils) and conceive and execute an art project with expert guidance. Interested in the regional cuisine? Almyra Unearthed brings you into local fields and orchards to learn about growing practices and to pick whatever is in season—such as prickly pears, mandarines, or pomegranates—and prepare it for enjoyment. Cyprus has a rich winegrowing heritage featuring indigenous grape varieties. Delve into it on our Secrets of the Vine tour. Our sommelier helps you understand the formative relationship between variety and terroir, bringing you to coastal vineyards cooled by sea breezes or mountain vineyards featuring high altitudes; tastings, food pairings, and discussions with young organic winemakers complete your bespoke programme. If you feel like blazing new trails, select the Almyra Adventure: This two-day package can take you to a remote river gorge, an abandoned village, a secluded tidal pool, or a medieval monastery—or all of the above! As with all our Experiences, you work with our Guest Services team to design an itinerary for yourself or your small group. A full menu of Almyra’s Experiences is available here. Your experience will create memories to last a lifetime.

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