A Night Out with a Local

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Ever wonder where locals go out for an evening in Pafos? We asked Elena Michael, Sales Manager for Thanos Hotels and a Pafos resident, to describe a typical itinerary hitting her favourite spots. She and her friends like the Old Town district, which is very walkable and filled with character. ‘We’d start with a sunset cocktail at Muse’, the restaurant perched on a cliff overlooking Kato Pafos and the sea; they prefer to sit on the terrace to enjoy the panoramic view. Once the sun has set, they set out on foot for Michalos Kebab House just a few blocks away. ‘They have the best souvlakia in Cyprus—the place is very, very special and the food is amazing’! While she’s there, she’ll be sure to peek in the window of the Blue Iris Gallery next door to see what the current art exhibition is. Next they walk just a few blocks to Temple for after dinner drinks. Temple, which occupies an old house and its front garden, offers a relaxed atmosphere for enjoying a liqueur or aperitif. Finally, they head to Kennedy Square, a pedestrian plaza nearby that is ringed with bars and cafes. Elena likes Boulevard, a wine bar where she and her friends can sit on stools around a wine cask converted to a table, listen to music, and watch the people walking by. When it’s time to go home, they head to the cab stand just across the street from the plaza—another pleasant evening in Pafos comes to its end.

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