A Hike through the Avakas Gorge

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The closest entrance to the wilderness of the Akamas peninsula from Pafos is found near Lara Bay—just follow the signs along the coastal road for about 20 kilometres until the surface turns to dirt. To experience the diverse flora and geology of the region, why not take a trek on foot? Look for signs pointing to the Avakas Gorge, where a trail wends its way along a stream bed and through a deep crevice eroded over millions of years by the flow of water. Leave your vehicle in the car park just below the restaurant (the bridge to the car park at the trail’s head has washed out and can only be traversed by foot) and walk through a valley along an unpaved road to the trail. The trail begins in a broad meadow and then continues through a juniper forest; notable plant specimens are identified by markers in Greek and English. The area is a micro-reserve for Centaurea akamantis, an endemic flowering shrub that grows in just one other place on the island. During Spring, you will see abundant wildflowers along the stream of the Avgas River. As you make your way, you will find the path narrowing and the banks becoming more imposing as you enter the gorge. Though stepping stones have been set along the way, be prepared to walk in the stream itself. The cool, shady gorge offers a refreshing respite from the Cyprus sun and a memorable two-hour sojourn into the Akamas wilderness.

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