While much of Pafos can be explored on foot, those wanting to go a bit farther afield should consider a tour by bicycle. Almyra can arrange a bicycle rental for you: just give us your height and weight and specify your preferred type of equipment (trekking or road) and we’ll provide the bicycle, helmet, chain, lock, and pedal clips. We’ll also give you a map showing the bike routes in the Pafos region. A popular journey starts just in front of the hotel on the promenade. Head in a south-easterly direction down the promenade, passing the many resorts lining the shore. When the promenade ends, continue on the paved road next to the beach whilst enjoying the view of the surf and the breezes off the sea. Eventually you will reach Geroskipou Tourist Beach. Turn left and head inland a short bit until you reach the main road, which has a bicycle path running parallel to it. Now you are connected to a network of routes running through Pafos and beyond. If you don’t mind cycling in heavy traffic, you might consider heading further down the coast to Petra tou Romiou—the rock formation fabled to be the birthplace of Aphrodite. Some of our more experienced guests have ventured as far as the Troodos Mountains! If you’re up for a special adventure, we can arrange for a cycling guide or a cycling camp with our supplier. That way you can chart a journey that includes all you want to see.
Though there are many opportunities to purchase souvenirs of your visit to Pafos, it can be difficult to find items that were made in Cyprus following traditional methods. Fortunately, there are several centres devoted to promoting Cypriot crafts. The Cyprus Handicraft Service is a government agency formed to revive traditional folk art and to find new applications for it. It shelters experimental workshops in Nicosia and sponsors retail outlets across the island. In Pafos, the Cyprus Handicraft Centre is found near the Kings Avenue Mall. At the centre, you can purchase lace, metalwork, woodwork, and pottery made by local artisans. Another venue for exploring Cypriot arts in Pafos is called The Place. Located adjacent to the covered municipal market, it houses a retail shop featuring local wines and dried herbs, handmade baskets, woven textiles, fused glass, and pottery. Here, you can observe a range of artists at work and join in a family-friendly crafts workshop. Located nearby in the Old Town district is a new facility with an ancient past. Ibrahim’s Khan was originally built as an inn surrounding a courtyard where traveling traders would exchange wares. After extensive renovation, Ibrahim’s Khan reopened in 2018 as a crafts centre with sixteen stalls and a restaurant. The architects preserved the beautiful stonework of the building while adding a modern flair. You will find jewellery, carved wood, mosaics, and products made with local olives and carobs. Take some time to explore and you’ll find a suitable memento of your visit to Pafos.
Reflexology is a technique for applying pressure to a part of the body—usually the feet—to relieve tension and release blocked energy. Practitioners believe that the major organs and parts of the human body can be mapped on the feet; stimulation of a neurological point sends a message to the brain, they say, that then provokes self-healing in the corresponding organ or body part. The therapy derives from several ancient medical traditions. A sixty-minute foot massage with a reflexologist usually starts with a gentle rubbing of the legs and the top of the feet. Then the therapist applies pressure to zones on the soles of both feet. Occasionally the reflexologist finds an area where it feels like gritty sand is under the surface of the skin; this is taken as an indication that the corresponding area is out of balance, so additional pressure is applied there until the feeling dissipates. In the end your feet will feel relaxed. Almyraspa also offers reflexology for the face. The concept is similar: the body is mapped on the face, with different zones on the face corresponding to areas and functions of the body. The therapist makes a slow, investigative stroke in each zone before applying more pressure to areas that feel out of balance. The treatment concludes with a slow, rhythmic massage of the face that soothes and relaxes. A reflexologist can create a bespoke treatment plan based on the initial findings and your goals. Often a course of several treatments is recommended for maximum effect.
For about a year now, the town of Pafos has enjoyed a new performing arts facility—the Markideo Theatre. Originally a movie theatre, the building was renovated and expanded by the municipality into a 420-seat theatre for plays and live music. The November 2017 debut performance featured British actress Charlotte Rampling in the play Moon and Stars; the performance was part of the Pafos 2017: European Capital of Culture programme. Since then, the venue has hosted performances of classical music, a festival of Cypriot composers, and an historical drama—to name just a few of the professional productions offered. The complex is located near the town centre, within walking distance of Kennedy Square. Its façade is contemporary and urbane and adjoins outdoor green spaces. Inside the theatre, a sophisticated system of moving panels allows technicians to adjust the acoustics for maximum effect, accommodating everything from the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra to a one-man play. National touring companies such as Nicosia’s Alpha Square and The Children's Stage of Doros Kyriakides regularly bring their productions here. Indeed, many of the performances, such as the upcoming Cinderella and the Sword of Wishes, are family-friendly. Search online ticket vendors for a survey of the latest offerings. Each listing indicates which languages are used. The Markideo Theatre is an exciting new resource for expanding your cultural horizons whilst you are in Pafos.
Families like to go out for brunch on Sundays, but it is often difficult to do so with kids in tow. Almyra solves that problem with its new family-friendly brunch. Starting November 4, our weekly brunch comes with an adjoining playroom for our younger guests. Kids can enjoy face painting, games, and arts and crafts led by our Kids’ Club team while adults enjoy a little conversation time. You can dine together as a family, of course, and the kids will enjoy a menu just for them. Dishes like pancakes with peanut butter and berries and pitta bread pizza with mozzarella, tomato, and basil are sure to become favourites. The menu for grown-ups features selections of egg dishes (try our eggs baked in filo with chopped spinach and feta cheese), toasts (such as the baguette with tomatoes, anari cheese, and carob syrup), and salads (a spicy option is the marinated tiger prawns with mango, chili, and avocado). Couples may want to share a smoked fish or cheese platter. We also offer an array of sweet dishes, including inventive presentations of French toast, pancakes, and seasonal fruit. It wouldn’t be brunch without a special libation, so check out our Mimosas Cocktail Menu. The classic mimosa (champagne and orange juice) is creatively adapted in seven other cocktails (the paloma mimosa mixes champagne, tequila, grapefruit juice, lime, and grenadine). As the kids play, relax and listen to the chill beats from resident DJ Aris. It all happens from 10:00 to 14:00 on Sundays.
Maybe you are stumped about what to wear to a special event, or you want to update your wardrobe or even change your look. Where do you turn for help? A personal stylist can be a valuable resource. At Kult Boutiques, stylist Christos Christou is available by appointment only for a one-on-one consultation about your styling needs. In the first meeting, you will get to know each other and define your goals. Be prepared to discuss your clothing likes and dislikes, how you dress during the day (for work or other activities), and what your wardrobe needs are in the evening. You may discuss your lifestyle preferences, hobbies, and musical tastes as well as favourite colours and clothing styles. Is your goal to elevate your look—or to transform it entirely? If you are focused on a one-off event, describe it in detail: A beach wedding, for example, can pose a challenge as you try to balance formal and casual elements. Christos will record your sizes and discuss your budget parameters. You may also take a walk together through the boutique to see what appeals to you. In the next meeting, Christos will propose ensembles that match your styling goals. As you enjoy a relaxing beverage, you will review your choices and try on those you like. He will show you how items can be combined differently to create a range of looks. There are four Kult boutiques in Cyprus—including one at Almyra. This service is available to both men and women; contact us on 26 888711 or info@kult.com.cy for an appointment.