Families like to go out for brunch on Sundays, but it is often difficult to do so with kids in tow. Almyra solves that problem with its new family-friendly brunch. Starting November 4, our weekly brunch comes with an adjoining playroom for our younger guests. Kids can enjoy face painting, games, and arts and crafts led by our Kids’ Club team while adults enjoy a little conversation time. You can dine together as a family, of course, and the kids will enjoy a menu just for them. Dishes like pancakes with peanut butter and berries and pitta bread pizza with mozzarella, tomato, and basil are sure to become favourites. The menu for grown-ups features selections of egg dishes (try our eggs baked in filo with chopped spinach and feta cheese), toasts (such as the baguette with tomatoes, anari cheese, and carob syrup), and salads (a spicy option is the marinated tiger prawns with mango, chili, and avocado). Couples may want to share a smoked fish or cheese platter. We also offer an array of sweet dishes, including inventive presentations of French toast, pancakes, and seasonal fruit. It wouldn’t be brunch without a special libation, so check out our Mimosas Cocktail Menu. The classic mimosa (champagne and orange juice) is creatively adapted in seven other cocktails (the paloma mimosa mixes champagne, tequila, grapefruit juice, lime, and grenadine). As the kids play, relax and listen to the chill beats from resident DJ Aris. It all happens from 10:00 to 14:00 on Sundays.
Maybe you are stumped about what to wear to a special event, or you want to update your wardrobe or even change your look. Where do you turn for help? A personal stylist can be a valuable resource. At Kult Boutiques, stylist Christos Christou is available by appointment only for a one-on-one consultation about your styling needs. In the first meeting, you will get to know each other and define your goals. Be prepared to discuss your clothing likes and dislikes, how you dress during the day (for work or other activities), and what your wardrobe needs are in the evening. You may discuss your lifestyle preferences, hobbies, and musical tastes as well as favourite colours and clothing styles. Is your goal to elevate your look—or to transform it entirely? If you are focused on a one-off event, describe it in detail: A beach wedding, for example, can pose a challenge as you try to balance formal and casual elements. Christos will record your sizes and discuss your budget parameters. You may also take a walk together through the boutique to see what appeals to you. In the next meeting, Christos will propose ensembles that match your styling goals. As you enjoy a relaxing beverage, you will review your choices and try on those you like. He will show you how items can be combined differently to create a range of looks. There are four Kult boutiques in Cyprus—including one at Almyra. This service is available to both men and women; contact us on 26 888711 or info@kult.com.cy for an appointment.
The ancient necropolis situated on the coast of Pafos is known as the Tombs of the Kings. This is something of a misnomer, however, as there were no kings in Cyprus at the time of its establishment. Students of history will recall that the island had been divided into politically independent kingdoms prior to its liberation from Persian influence by Alexander the Great. After his untimely demise in 323 BCE, two of his generals vied for control of Cyprus. Ptolemy I Soter, the king of Egypt, prevailed, and he abolished the kingdoms and established Nea Pafos as his administrative capital. The necropolis was carved from soft sandstone just north and east of the city wall. During this, the Hellenistic era (323 to 31 BCE), Greek language, culture, and thought unified elites across the Middle East. Though the idea of a necropolis—a collection of homes for the dead—had a long tradition in Egypt, the Greek influence is seen in the presence of atriums lined with Doric columns in monumental tombs laid out like Hellenistic houses. Indeed, it could be said that these tombs are fit for a king, and it is this impression that led to the naming of the complex. Historians believe that the tombs held the remains of the families of high-ranking officials and prominent citizens from Ptolemy’s Nea Pafos. Burials continued into the early Roman era (3rd century CE). The site is now open for your exploration as part of the Kato Pafos Archaeological site.
About a year ago, the team at Mosaics noticed a rather unusual guest showing up for the daily breakfast and dinner buffets: a small parrot. A fledgling at the time, he enjoyed sitting in the lush greenery over the Mosaics terrace, hoping to catch a delicious morsel of food. Studying his plumage, beak colour, claws, and size, team members identified him as a rose-winged parakeet: he is mostly green, has an orange beak, and sports a rose ring around his neck. Soon it would be time to greet our regular guest on a first name basis, so we named him Filippas (our international guests call him Philip). Filippas makes his nest in the wooded area near Almyra’s playground and tennis courts. He regularly flies over for breakfast and dinner. Ever sociable, Filippas also enjoys the cocktail hour—he takes a 6 pm snack on the terrace of the Lobby bar every day. In case you’d like to bring him something from the buffet (don’t worry—he gets complimentary full board), you should know that he likes nuts (especially cashews), fruit (watermelon seeds, please!), leafy greens, vegetables, eggs, and pork sausage. And a refreshing sip of orange juice. The story of Filippas’s past is not known, but we are hoping he will learn to speak soon and enlighten us. Also on the horizon may be a female feathered companion. In the meantime, he remains a reliable and affable team member. Please stop by the Mosaics terrace and introduce yourself to Filippas!
The addition of a volleyball court to Almyra’s grounds has precipitated a new event: the first-ever staff volleyball tournament for Thanos Hotels and Resorts! The company owns and operates four hotels in Cyprus—Almyra, Aloe, Anassa, and Annabelle. Each hotel fielded two or more ragtag teams, usually centred around employees from a hotel department (e.g. maintenance). Gathering on a steamy Friday afternoon, the twelve teams faced off in an initial round of six matches as a squad of three costumed cheerleaders rooted them on (and shook their pompoms to ‘Thriller’ and—inevitably—Eurovision winner ‘Toy’). Hotel pride was vividly on display, as onlookers chanted their hotel’s name in exuberant solidarity. Some teams were aptly named (the Expendables exited in the first round), others less so (the Latchi Warriors did not claim any victories on the battlefield). A round of semi-finals eventually yielded two finalists: Almyra Kitchen and Fitness Kitchen (from Annabelle). Perhaps years of coordinated work in the tight space of a hot kitchen prepared these two culinary teams for volleyball glory? Both teams were adept at setting the ball for attack—and the competition was fierce, with both sets in the final match going into extra points. In the end, though, Fitness Kitchen prevailed, though the unexpected participation of a tree on match point called for a controversial do-over. With the tournament planned as an annual event, participants are already focused on the fitness and teamwork needed to claim the championship: ‘Next year,’ said one Latchi Warrior, ‘we must practice.’
A triathlon is a three-stage race that usually includes three sports—swimming, cycling, and running. While many people have some ability in each of these sports, they may not know how to perform them efficiently or in combination with the others. That’s where specialised triathlon training comes in. At Almyraspa, we offer a complete training regimen. You can start with a review of your swimming technique: Swim a few laps in our pool while the trainer makes an underwater video of you. As you review the video together, the trainer will advise on your stroke. Then you will train in the pool and the sea, where you can learn techniques to swim with the current, maintaining endurance and reducing effort. Similarly, you can examine your cycling strategy and then do interval training in the Pafos region, which includes flat coastal roadways as well as steep mountain climbs. A review of your running technique examines your stride and pace. Throughout the training, you will discuss how to transition your body between the different race stages. Triathlon training at Almyraspa is customised and can be done individually or in groups. Contact our trainer to discuss your level of experience, age, and equipment needs (you can rent a bicycle or bring your own). Common is a 6- or 7-day regimen with cross training on two sports per day. Another popular option is a 3-day swimming clinic. You’ll emerge with a workout routine that will take you all the way to the finish line.