Although beer has been brewed on the island for millennia, the contemporary trend of microbrewing is relatively new to Cyprus. Each major city has a few microbreweries producing hand-crafted beers. In the capital of Nicosia, for example, you can visit Pivo in the old town and select from six beers on tap and three in bottles; you can also take a tour of their brewery, which is situated in a century-old house. Also brewing in Nicosia is Hop Thirsty Friends, which produces the Humor IPA, Weiss, and Pilsner beers. In Larnaca, look for the brews from Mad Pan or head to The Brewery, which offers eight of its own beers on tap along with a home-brewed apple cider. Limassol plays host to Hula Hops Brewery, a ‘gypsy microbrewery’ making the Cyprus Citrus IPA and the Cyprus Summer Wit wheat beer. True Ale Brewery was founded in 2010 in the Russian village Jelomeeno, but it moved to Limassol and started selling craft beer there in 2017. Its output includes four kinds of ale plus one or two special brews per season; the brewery also offers instruction for prospective home and commercial brewers. Closest to Pafos is Aphrodite’s Rock Microbrewery and Brewpub. Above town near the village of Tsada, the brewery boasts a range of beers as well as ciders. A day trip there can include a brewery tour, a sampler of five beers, and a pizza from their wood-fired oven. Wherever you go in Cyprus, know that something good is brewing nearby.
Some of the most memorable tunes in popular music come from movie soundtracks. Just mention cinematic classics like ‘The Godfather’, ‘Rocky’, ‘Chariots of Fire’, or ‘The Titanic’, and your mind is likely to conjure up the catchy melodies of their theme songs. This month, the Pafos Municipality Philharmonic Orchestra will bring movie music to life in a pair of concerts at Almyra. On 19 and 26 June at 20:30, come to Eauzone—our poolside lounge and bar—and enjoy the band’s performances. The orchestra is an all-volunteer community ensemble directed by conductor Michael ‘Mikis’ Theodorakis. Normally numbering 86 members, the band will be winnowed to 40 for this intimate performance. Your €15 entrance fee includes a welcome drink. The programme will lay emphasis on Greek music, including the Hollywood production of ‘Zorba the Greek’ and some old Greek movies like 'Never on Sunday'. Take in the band’s playing under the stars as the music triggers your memories of the movie stars whose performances indelibly marked these classic films.
Eauzone is kicking off the summer season with the Ultimate Summer Dance Party featuring Freddie Μερκούρη. The popular DJ duo from Limassol make rare appearances, as they perform only as a hobby—a basic prerequisite is that they must have fun in the process! Their name gives a hint to the mix of tunes they play: Μερκούρη is the Greek spelling of ‘Mercury’, alluding to the late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury as well as to the great Greek singer Melina Mercouri (of “Never on Sunday” fame). Spinning classic 80s pop songs, 90s Greek and English ‘ultra’ dance music, rock tracks, and lots of surprises along the way, they create an atmosphere where people just can’t stop dancing. The party takes place on 14 June from 20:00 at our poolside bar and lounge. The €30 cover charge includes drinks and snacks; all proceeds will be donated to the Thanos Hotels & Resorts and Round Table 7 scholarship fund. Freddie Μερκούρη formed five years ago at a friend’s birthday party. These two guys combine their love and knowledge of music to create a non-stop party where it is virtually impossible to sit still. As for their identities in daily life, well, that is a well-guarded secret. But it’s no secret that this duo knows how to party! Call us on 26 888 705 for reservations.
Each person’s skin is unique, so it stands to reason that a custom formulation of treatment products can best address its problems and bring out its essential beauty. With this observation in mind, Almyraspa has recently added the Codage line of skincare products from France. Work with our spa therapist to identify your skin type and diagnose your skin’s treatment needs. Then draw from the range of Codage products for a custom application. Codage products are formulated with precision and finesse to support your health and wellbeing as well as your appearance. They do not include allergens, essential oils, parabens, or petrochemicals; they are not tested on animals, either. Once you have your formulation in hand, choose from over a dozen treatment options specially created to optimise the Codage difference. Consider the Haute Couture Facial, for example: your therapist will create a custom cocktail of high-performance Codage serums for treatment of the face, neck, and décolleté. Using a range of techniques, the therapist massages the scalp, hands, face, and neck in order to reduce redness, dark spots, shine, dryness, and signs of aging. Another treatment option is the Macadamia, Sugar, and Shea Butter Body Scrub by Codage: the scrub sheds dead skin cells, smooths the skin’s texture, and revitalises your appearance. The process is completed with the application of concentrated body milk formulated for your skin’s needs. After your treatment, ask for advice on your daily skincare routine: the spa can provide you with products that meet your unique needs.
It all started in Thessaloniki in 1957. Legend has it that Nestlé representative Giannis Dritsas was exhibiting a new beverage for children at the Thessaloniki International Fair. The beverage was prepared by mixing chocolate powder with milk in a container and shaking it. Meanwhile, colleague Dimitris Vakondios wanted an instant coffee but lacked hot water. So he combined the instant coffee with water and ice in a shaker and—voilà!—the frappé was born. This beverage has since become a staple in cafés throughout the Greek islands, and it is very popular in Cyprus, too. Nowadays frappés are usually made with electric mixers specifically designed for this purpose. First place one or two teaspoons of instant coffee in the bottom of a tall glass. If you are sweetening your drink, add sugar to the glass now. Next add a couple of inches of cold water—and it is time to blend! As you blend at high speed for about half a minute, the mixture will begin to turn to a light brown foam. The drink is topped off with water, milk, or some combination of the two: a ‘mavro’ includes only water, an ‘olo gala’ includes only milk, while a ‘ligo gala’ has a little milk and a ‘miso-miso’ has half of each. Also specify how sweet you want it—a ‘sketto’ has no sugar, while a ‘metrio’ is medium and a ‘glyki’ is sweet. Sip your frappé with a straw as you laze by the pool or sea.
Mid-Century modern architectural style is known for sleek surfaces, strong horizontal lines, and a minimalist approach to decoration. When added with care, though, handicrafts can complement the overall look. Consider the use of baskets at Almyra, the mid-century modern resort that is a member of Design Hotels. All the waste baskets in the guest rooms are handmade by Maroulla Mavromoustakou, a local artisan who also works as a chamber maid in the hotel. Maroulla hails from the Cypriot village of Mesogi, which is renowned for its tradition of basket making. She learned the craft from her mother and has been practicing it for 40 years. Working with straw sourced from villages along the nearby river valley, Maroulla begins each waste basket by holding a small wooden block between her feet and forming a circular base with 6 to 12 spokes emanating from its centre. She then weaves the sides around the frame. The top edge is finished with a continuous reed that was soaked in water to make it more pliable. Each waste basket takes her two hours to craft. She has also made very large baskets for collecting towels by Almyra’s pools. Almyra’s baskets follow a simple design befitting the mid-century modern décor, but Maroulla is also adept at weaving the colourful geometrical patterns that are a hallmark of the Cypriot craft. Use of handmade baskets not only makes aesthetic sense—it helps preserve a folk craft tradition and is eco-friendly, too. What’s not to like about that?