Ouzo, the anise-flavoured aperitif, is typically mixed with water or ice and sipped over a leisurely dinner in an ouzerie, a kind of restaurant found throughout Greece and Cyprus that serves a sequence of small dishes known as meze. But ouzo can also be used in the preparation of cocktails. The Almyra Ouzo Special is one such example. The bartender begins by selecting a tall hurricane glass and filling it with ice. Then 5 cl of ouzo is added to the glass. As the ouzo comes into contact with the ice, the clear liquid emulsifies into a milky whiteness. Then comes hand-squeezed lemon juice and a healthy pour of lemon- and lime-flavoured soft drink. After a gentle stir, we add some rose cordial. This distinctively Cypriot beverage, based on the distillation of the damask rose, gives the milky ouzo a lovely pink glow. Then our cocktail is garnished with two slices of cucumber, a maraschino cherry, and a sprig of fresh mint. Sip it with a straw and you’ll find it fizzy and tangy—with the tartness of the citrus tangling with the sweetness of the rose and the bitterness of the anise. Bar manager Stavros Roumeliotis is concocting several new cocktails with ouzo as a base, and he plans to launch them at Almyra’s Ouzerie (where else?) in 2020. Watch this space for details. Meanwhile, stop by Almyra and check out the Almyra Ouzo Special at any one of our bars.
Sunday Vibezzz, the weekly summer music programme at Eauzone pool bar and lounge, is closing out its 2019 season with a marathon party on 1 September. It all begins at 15:00 with the Pool Party Set; DJ Kong will spin three hours of mellow rhythm and blues hits while partygoers soak in the sun and swim in the pool. Greek recording artist Harri Agnel is up next as the Sundown Set gets going at 18:00; listen to three hours of down tempo electronic music as you take in the legendary Almyra sunset. Resident DJ Aris takes over at 21:00 with the Midnight Set; his three hours feature Oriental deep ethnic tracks and will keep you grooving until midnight! The party is for adults only (ages 16 and up). Throughout it all, the Eauzone kitchen will be serving sushi à la carte and sharing platters. In addition to our menu of classic and signature cocktails, we offer two drinks menus featuring tequila and gin. The Tequila Time menu offers five mixed drinks along with a selection of five premium tequilas served with your choice of citrus enhancers. With the Gin O’clock menu, choose from six cocktails or command a bespoke gin and tonic—with eight premium gins, four house-infused gins, five tonics, and ten enhancers, the possibilities are endless! You can order wine or champagne by the bottle or by the glass. Stop in at Eauzone this Sunday and celebrate summer.
Yoga instructor Katerina Meintani of Athens, Greece, will be present at Almyra on 6-8 September to lead a Yoga Weekend Retreat. On Friday, guests will check into the hotel and attend a welcome ceremony where the weekend’s activities will be explained. On Saturday morning, attendees will meet at 7:30 for thirty minutes of pranayama—breathing exercises and poses. This is followed by an hour and a half practicing vinyasa yoga, where the instructor helps students move from pose to pose while controlling breath. The group then eats breakfast together before enjoying some free time. At 18:30, the group gathers once again for an hour and a half of meditation. Sunday begins with another thirty-minute session of pranayama. Next, the instructor leads the group for one and a half hours through a session of yin and yang balancing. The weekend closes with a group breakfast. The yoga retreat is open to practitioners of all levels. The package includes accommodation for two nights, breakfast and dinner at the hotel, and all yoga and mindfulness sessions (€320 per person double occupancy; €500 single occupancy); those wanting to attend only the yoga and mindfulness sessions will be charged €30 per person per day). The weekend retreat is a great way to step away from daily stress and rebalance for the week ahead. Contact Almyra on 26888700 for reservations.
Contemporary life is filled with complications and distractions, such as rapid technological change, constant news alerts, an unending stream of texts, calls, and emails, and a need to multitask, leaving many of us overwhelmed, stressed, and unable to focus. One way to overcome this situation is to cultivate mindfulness—the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we are doing—instead of simply reacting to the latest stimulus. In coordination with Travelgems, the experiential travel agency, Almyra is now offering a Mindfulness Week to help you develop the capacity to live in the moment. The seven-day retreat (27 September through 3 October) offers instruction in nutrition, holistic exercise, yoga, and meditation. We have assembled an internationally recognised team of experts to lead the sessions. Nutritionist Christina Kostara, head of the IASO Hospital Clinical Nutrition Support and Dietetics Department in Athens, will lead eating sessions focusing on mindful approaches to Mediterranean cuisine. Marianne Chrysikakou, who completed degrees in physical education in both Greece and France, will guide you through the holistic workout sessions. Sharon Hill is our yoga master. Her practice takes her regularly from New York to Tel Aviv to India. Accredited by the International Yoga Alliance, she will teach you yoga techniques and meditative practices. The entire week takes place on the lushly landscaped seaside grounds of Almyra, where you will be immersed in nature. For bookings, please contact Almyra by email (almyra@thanoshotels.com) or by phone (25 888700).
With its level terrain and network of pathways, Pafos is an excellent place to go for a run or a bicycle ride. Almyra wants to help you get on your way. Every Thursday morning at 7:30, the Almyra Jungle Running Club gathers at the hotel’s entrance for a five-kilometre run. Guests are invited to join the group of about twenty dedicated local runners; Almyra provides complimentary water and fruit at departure and more water and coffee upon completion at 8:30. Our spa facilities and showers are available for the runners. Another option is to join the Almyra Athletic Club on Strava. After setting up your account, you can record the distance and time of your exercise sessions and compare your progress with club members. Using their app with GPS technology, you can follow routes planned by Almyra to take in some of the area’s sights. To motivate you, Almyra is offering prizes to those who complete the routes. Complete the short Pafos Old Town cycling tour (13.1 km) or the Lighthouse run (5 km) and receive a signature cocktail or healthy smoothie. Finish the medium Pafos-Coral Bay bike tour (28.7 km) or the Kings Route (10 km) and be rewarded with a foot treatment at Almyraspa. Conquer the long Sea Caves Adventure ride (38.5 km) or the Pafos Coast-to-Coast run (15 km) and we’ll honour you with a set menu dinner for two at Notios. Just record your journey and share it on Facebook or Instagram with Almyra’s hashtag; your friends will send you congratulations, too!
Ceramic art has long played a role in the culture of Cyprus, as is amply attested by archaeological finds of ancient terracotta amphoras, bowls, cups, and votive figurines. In ceramic art, one often senses a tension between functionality and artistic expression, between handicraft and fine art. This tension is highlighted and explored in the ‘Ceramic Waves’ exhibition currently on display in the Lobby of Almyra. Proposed by Savvas Christodoulides and introduced by former Minister of Culture George Demosthenous, the exhibition brings together recent work by ten ceramic artists from the Pafos region. Each artist explores the tension between functionality and aesthetic expression, with some clearly leaning toward utility and others striving for pure art. The exploration of the tension creates a lively dialogue as a diverse array of objects—figures, pottery, simple objects—ask us to oscillate between evaluations of each one’s utility and beauty. The emergence of Pafos as a centre for contemporary ceramic art goes back to the 1974 Turkish invasion: potter Savvas Georgiades relocated from Kyrenia to Pafos in its aftermath, setting up an atelier here. After he passed away, his sons Giorgos and Panicos continued his work; both are represented in the show. Around the same time, brothers Giannis and Avgoustinos Kontos set up shop in their native village of Yeroskipou; Avgoustinos’s work is likewise included. The other artists showing are Elysia Athanatou, Vasos Demetriou, Eleftheria Fili, Nina Iacovou, Melita Kouta, Giorgos Kypris, and Panayiotis Pasandas. The exhibition continues through 13 August 2019.