Our Journey to Sustainability:
Sustainability involves individual organizations considering the social, economic and environmental effects of their activities – and taking steps to reduce or mitigate any undesirable impacts that may occur. Here at Thanos Hotels, sustainable tourism underpins all of our activities and is integral to both our success and our values. Our approach in order to ensure that we deliver sustainable tourism includes retaining the economic and social advantages of our operations while taking the necessary steps to protect and support the local natural, historic and cultural environments, and local community. We understand that environmental conservation and community engagement is more than a moral imperative, it also makes good business sense. Consumer demand for a more sustainable approach to tourism is growing, and increasingly becoming a determining factor in consumers’ choice of tourist destinations and providers. Ensuring that we continue to meet and exceed these demands will not only benefit visitors and our stakeholders, but will result in higher environmental and social standards in our locality. To ensure that we meet and exceed our goal for sustainable tourism, we choose to embed the concept of sustainability and social responsibility in our entire ethos: we continually evaluate and consider our operational decisions; and incorporate strategic actions in areas such as the environment and energy, community, people and marketplace. This ensures that we offer the highest quality services; deliver a true and authentic tourism experience; consider and protect the environment; and treat all individuals with respect.
We run each hotel as a unique property, on its own path, towards five star positioning and beyond. Our hotels are exceptionally welcoming, individual and distinctive, each proudly supporting local culture and traditional values through everything from handmade artisanal furniture to regionally sourced produce. We are driven by quality, which is our guests’ first priority when choosing a holiday – and key to providing sustainable profitability. Furthermore, by investing in our staff and communities we improve their wellbeing and ensure the dedication of a loyal and focused team, working together in unity for one goal. Unless otherwise noted, this report is based on data from the 2014 fiscal year and reflects operational performance of our 3 hotels. Our sustainability report includes details of our ongoing tasks in the areas of sustainability and social responsibility. We invite you to take a look to see where we have made important progress and what our future plans are. We welcome your input and encourage you to join us as we invest in the communities where we do business.

Our Values:
To support our vision for our Hotels, we base every aspect of our service offering on the following values: hospitality, honesty, integrity.

Our Vision / Mission:
To conduct our business ethically and responsibly according to our values for our customers, communities and our people, in respect to the environment.
- Thanos Hotels has proven that the exceptional quality of its properties is the main driver of its operations. By offering an outstanding service experience and creating long lasting memories for our guests, we achieve a high repeat guest ratio.
- The main priority of each hotel is to ensure that our clients have an unforgettable holiday experience.
- At Thanos Hotels we believe that maintaining high ethical standards is very important, as strong ethics and good business go hand in hand. Therefore, we have created an environment where our people should feel comfortable speaking up when they suspect potential violations of laws and policies. Additionally, we urge our employees to demonstrate high standards of integrity and lead by example.
- Our employees should always behave in a manner that is consistent with the company’s values in their day to day interactions.
- At Thanos Hotels we understand the importance of treating all people well not just our hotels’ guests.
- We urge our employees to use common sense and good judgment when giving or accepting business courtesies, so as to avoid any appearance of impropriety.
- We have a strong and lasting commitment to transparency.
- We are committed to carry out our business operations with honesty and integrity and according to the highest ethical standards.

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