Ouzeri Menu

Yoghurt, cucumber, and mint dip Fish roe dip With chickpeas and chili Feta and yoghurt dip Sesame paste dip Split yellow lentil dip wit caramelize onion
Mixed green leaves, tomato, cucumber,
black olives, capers, feta, red onions Fresh anari cheese, pomegranate, figs, hiromeri croutons and
carob jus dressing
With baby leaves, cherry tomato, lemon dressing Black eye beans with courgette
With spinach, spring onion, fennel, peppers With tomato, red onion, olives, olive oil and oregano Tomato, onion, and feta on rusk bread With kefalotyri, feta, haloumi, hiromeri, lountza krasati,
Tsamarela, cherry tomato, olives, and cucumber
From goat milk mint tomato salsa Spinach and feta pie in filo pastry with yogurt Local sausages marinade in wine and herbs served with tyrokafteri
Cooked in filo pastry with tomato jam Chickpeas balls with tahini Baked giant beans with tomato, celery, and carrots With garlic, onion, white wine, and fresh cream Cuttlefish cooked in wine, vinegar, onion Deep fried Served with lemon mayonnaise With garlic, spring onion and tomato Served with fava Served with tahini Served with smoked bell pepper sauce With cumin yoghurt Marinated with herbs Grilled, marinade with garden herbs Marinated with herbs Served with Stifado sauce With commandaria cumquat sauce, baby potatoes Orzo pasta with prawns, mussels, calamari, and lobster bisque Served with saganaki sauce Lamb cutlet, chicken, marinade pork neck,
Local sausage, haloumi fries and Talatouri Tiger prawn, octopus, sword fish, sea bream fillet
grill vegetables and tomato salsa With vegetables and coriander pesto

Sea bass Sea bream Red Snapper Grouper The fresh fish served with your choice of one side dish

Rice with lentils and spinach (V)
Homemade fried potatoes (V)
Grilled vegetables (V)
Crush baby potatoes with coriander (A, N, D)

With almond nuts and poached pear in red wine Served with vanilla ice cream chocolate and biscotti cake With almond’s served with masticha ice cream With rose water With semolina, almond cordial served with cherry glyko

Prices include service charge and V.A.T.

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