Notios Dinner Menu

Lightly Smoked Aubergine with lemongrass-tomato syrup (V, C, D)
Deep Fried Tofu served with spicy teriyaki & micro cress salad (Y, G, A)
Beef Tataki, crispy kombu, mushroom and wafu dressing (Y, U, G, K)
Yellow tail with lime tzatziki, pomegranate, yuzu soy ginger (F, Y, K, G, D)
Spicy Crab and vegetables crystal roll with Thai dressing (B, G, Y)
Notios Tuna and Salmon Tartare, Asian pesto, micro cress, pickled daikon (F, N, D)

Working with our local fisherman to deliver the best selection of seafood and fish available daily.
Mediterranean Sea Bass with Yuzu, soy, ginger, chili and spring onions (F, G, Y, K)
Grilled Marinated Salmon with onion ponzu, and pickled vegetables and garlic (F, G, Y)
Seared “Hamachi” yellow tail with yuzu, soya and jalapeno (F, G, Y, K)
Salmon Signature Roll, (salmon, crab salad, cucumber, avocado, green onion pickled,
blue cheese mayonnaise) (F, B, E, U, G, Y, D)
Tempura Prawn Roll, spicy mayonnaise and ponzu caviar (B, U, E, G, Y)
Seared hamachi Roll
(yellow tail fish, cucumber, mango, chives, avocado, spicy ponzu sauce) (F, G, Y)
Crab Devil Roll (Soft shell crab, cucumber, scallions, crab meat salsa,
micro greens (B, U, E, G, Y
Crunchy Ebi Salmon (Smoked salmon, prawns pickled cucumber,
asparagus, avocado, togarashi tempura flakes) (F, B, G, Y)
Hot Karatsuke roll (minced tuna, spicy crab salad, avocado, cabbage,
cucumber salad, unagi sauce (F, B, G, Y, K)
Miso soup with marinated tofu and ginger (G, V, Y)
Prawn Laksa with glass noodles, quail egg chili and coconut (B, G, E. P)
Monkfish tempura with yuzu soya (F, G, Y, K)
Tiger prawns ginger and tomato jam (B, G)
Spicy Calamari, with mandarin aioli (G, U, E, M)
Vegetable tempura with tamarind sauce (G, Y, V)

(Whole fish prices are per 100g) you can choose from one side dish
Charcoal grilled whole Red Snapper €8.00, Sea Bass, Sea Bream €6.00

USDA Rib-eye steak with purple potatoes puree, asparagus, Kimchee salad and yiakiniku sauce
(Y, G, K, A)
Grilled Lamb fillet served with pickled shallots, snow peas,
edamame pure and massaman sauce (Y, G)
Slow cooked pork belly, served with roast Chinese cabbage, fig chutney,
wasabi taro puree, chashu sauce (A, G, Y, S)
Roast Duck breast served with steam endive, shimeji mushrooms,
and black pepper hoisin. (Y, G, K)
Black cod fillet served with cashews and lime crust, baby pack choy,
pickled ginger and spicy miso. (F, N, Y, G, A)
Grilled Scottish Salmon fillet served with sautéed spinach, roast pineapple,
spicy coriander sauce (F)
Notios Vegetable Thai red curry served with brown rice (V)
Japanese ramen with udo noodles, tofu and wakame seaweed (Y, G)
With: Vegetarian , Chicken , Beef
Sautéed baby carrots with asparagus (V), Edamame with Cypriot sea salt (V, Y)
Pan-fried baby spinach with crispy garlic (V), Potato wedges with five spices (V)
Fried rice with egg and mixed vegetables (E, Y, V, G, K)

Milk and dark chocolate mousse with caramelized pistachio vanilla sauce (N, D, E)
Ginger lime crème brulée (D, E)
Selection of Notios mochi ice-cream (D)

Omakase in Japanese means trust the chef.
Zen Meze
Sushi and Sashimi Set
Omakase 4 course
Omakase 6 course

Prices include service charge and V.A.T.

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