Winter Mural Hints at Good Things to Come

Hero image

Throughout 2019, Almyra has invited local artist Yiannis Sakellis to paint seasonal murals on the street-facing side of its front garden wall. Spring brought us pink almond blossoms, while fall saw leaves blowing across contrasting orange and white backgrounds. As winter approaches, Yiannis is preparing the next instalment. Stop by and see him clear the fall leaves away with a new white background. His winter palette is red. The main image depicts arrows reminiscent of fast-forward icons and the phrase ‘Join us in March 2020 to see Almyra amplified’. What does it mean? Well, Almyra is in the midst of a multi-million-euro renovation. All guest rooms and suites will be refitted with spacious shower stalls lined with Italian Carrara marble, smart TVs, furnishings upholstered in crisp blues and violets, brass lighting, and photographs of the seashore by another local artist. The Lobby will be updated with bespoke furniture crafted by local artisans from oak and olive wood. New lighting will grace the entrance way, fireplace area, and corridors. Aeras will also get a total refresh—look for purple curtains, blue-veined marble tabletops, royal blue chairs, and atmospheric brass lighting fixtures in the new-look restaurant. Almyra’s distinctive mid-century modern aesthetic, with its sleek lines and simple materials, will be complemented by the refresh, which is curated by French designer Joëlle Pléot. See you in March? We can’t wait to show you our new look!

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