Notios Lunch Menu

with rocket salad, manouri cheese, roasted pumpkin seeds,
and saffron yoghurt dressing (V, D, G)
(V) marinated with soy and ginger, sweet chili sauce (M, G, Y) with lime yogurt and pomegranate (G, E, D) with oriental salad and tonkatsu sauce (V, G, Y, K)
parmesan, crispy bacon, focaccia croutons (E, U, F, D, G)
With Grilled Chicken, - Grilled Tiger Prawns (B), - Grilled Salmon (F)
with avocado, tomato, rocket and basil pesto (D, N) with cucumber, avocado, pomegranate,
coriander, Yuzu dressing (V, Y, G, K)
with red tuna tataki, quail eggs, black olives, potato (F, E) with soft boiled egg,
cherry tomato and sesame soy dressing (V, E, Y, K, G)
with sesame seeds and soya dressing (V, G, K, Y)
(G, D, Y) with smoked cheese, gherkins and sundried tomato (E, D, U, G, Y) with chicken, tomato, Fried egg, grilled streaky bacon
and coriander mayonnaise (G, D, E, U)
with mixed leaves and Caesar dressing (G, D, E, U, F) with mango chutney (G, D, B) with manouri, rocket and basil (V, D, N, G) with caramelized onions and bacon (G, D, K) with lettuce tomato and apple tartar sauce (G, D, U, E, F) tahini, rocket, tomato, red onion & pickled cucumber (V, G, K)
Margherita Pita Pizza (G, D)
Smoked Salmon, Spinach, Feta, caramelized onion (G, F, D)
Fresh Mozzarella, Mediterranean Vegetables and sun-dried Tomato (V, G, D)
Parma Ham, Arugula, Tomato and red Onion (G, D)

Choice of Spaghetti, Penne or Linguine (G) Gluten free pasta
Carbonara (D, A) – Bolognaise
Tomato sauce (V) - Arrabiata (V) - Pesto (V, D, N)
Seafood with cherry tomatoes, parsley, chili (A, M, B, F)
Soba Noodles with ginger, soy and crunchy vegetables (V, G, Y, K)
Stir-Fried Chinese Noodles with Vegetables and sweet-sour sauce (V, G, Y, K)
With Grilled Chicken and Hoi-Sin sauce (G, Y, K)
With Prawns and sweet chili sauce (B, G, Y)

Whole fish prices are per 100g and you can choose for one side dish

Whole Red Snapper (F) - Whole Sea Bass (F) - Whole Sea Bream (F)
Black Angus Rib Eye with wild mushrooms potatoes and teriyaki sauce (G, D, Y, K, A)
Grilled Chimichurri Corn fed Chicken with grill vegetables and roast asparagus
Atlantic Salmon Fillet with grilled Chinese cabbage and Mediterranean salsa F
Chili and Lime Grilled Prawns with sautéed garlic bok choy, romesco sauce B

Edamame with Cypriot sea salt (V, Y)
Pan-fried Baby Spinach with crispy Garlic (V)
Fried Rice with egg and mixed vegetables (E, Y, V, G, K)
Potato Wedges with five spices (V)
French Fried Potatoes (V)

New York baked cheesecake with fresh fruit raspberry sauce (G, D, E)
Almyra lime brulée chocolate cake with praline cream and caramelized hazelnuts (D, G, E)
Yuzu pannacotta strawberry jelly with coconut lime zest crumble (D)
Selection of Ice Cream and Sorbets (per scoop)

Prices include service charge and V.A.T.

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