Warrior Retreat at Almyra



25 SEP - 2 OCT 2021 & 30 OCT - 6 NOV 2021
A 7 Days program

Want to rediscover your strength, tap into your awareness, activate your confidence and lean into real relaxation? Held in the utopic embrace of Almyra’s adults-only Almyraspa, our week-long Warrior X Retreats are for brave, intelligent, heart-centred seeking a life-changing experience for body and mind.
Warrior X offers a perfect balance of relaxation and activation through meditation, yoga, endurance training (on the mat and in the water), dance, nature connection, and more – all in serene locations like Almyraspa’s sea-view terrace and rooftop. Expand your mind with daily mindpower sessions and exercises, and nourish your body with the freshest Cypriot vegan/vegetarian food, the power of intermittent fasting, and true holistic healing.

Day 1-2: Awaken and strengthen the Rebel archetype through music and movement, connecting to nature, and getting in touch with your intuition. Use transformative exercises to discover your values, needs and desires, then rise above what’s holding you back to create a new empowering belief system.
DAY 3-4: Give the newly awakened wild energy of your inner Rebel a higher perspective through the wisdom of the Wise One archetype. Connect to this higher energy through yoga and meditation and help your inner Rebel to focus her drive towards your true purpose.
Day 5-7: Once drive and purpose are aligned, it is time to awaken the archetypal energy of your inner Warrior: a fighting spirit that will help you attain the physical and mental strength required to endure any future hardships or struggles. When all three energies are alchemised, you will realise your most powerful wild yet feminine self.

Realise your full potential, live the life you always wanted, and take back your power!

The program is valid only for the days from 25th September 2021 till 2nd October 2021 and from 30th October 2021 till 6th November 2021 for a 7 nights stay. Click HERE to book!

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