Where to Find Cypriot Crafts in Pafos

Though there are many opportunities to purchase souvenirs of your visit to Pafos

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Though there are many opportunities to purchase souvenirs of your visit to Pafos, it can be difficult to find items that were made in Cyprus following traditional methods. Fortunately, there are several centres devoted to promoting Cypriot crafts. The Cyprus Handicraft Service is a government agency formed to revive traditional folk art and to find new applications for it. It shelters experimental workshops in Nicosia and sponsors retail outlets across the island. In Pafos, the Cyprus Handicraft Centre is found near the Kings Avenue Mall. At the centre, you can purchase lace, metalwork, woodwork, and pottery made by local artisans. Another venue for exploring Cypriot arts in Pafos is called The Place. Located adjacent to the covered municipal market, it houses a retail shop featuring local wines and dried herbs, handmade baskets, woven textiles, fused glass, and pottery. Here, you can observe a range of artists at work and join in a family-friendly crafts workshop. Located nearby in the Old Town district is a new facility with an ancient past. Ibrahim’s Khan was originally built as an inn surrounding a courtyard where traveling traders would exchange wares. After extensive renovation, Ibrahim’s Khan reopened in 2018 as a crafts centre with sixteen stalls and a restaurant. The architects preserved the beautiful stonework of the building while adding a modern flair. You will find jewellery, carved wood, mosaics, and products made with local olives and carobs. Take some time to explore and you’ll find a suitable memento of your visit to Pafos.

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